For Men: Woody and Animal

190 € (100ml)
100 € (50ml)
The first Citrus notes invite you to enter the edge of the woods, before losing yourself with envy, in the midst of Ferns and Cypress trees.
The Cedar Leather and the Tonka Bean reveal the animal’s presence and evokes a flamboyant Spain, free for French classic compositions.
A union of strength and softness that adorns modern men with a natural elegance.

About Beau Revoir
Original creation of Maison d’Hauteville, Beau Revoir is born from olfactory memories of the family, and inspired by their handsome patriarch.
“We wanted to create a unique composition, masculine and delicate. In French, a ‘revoir’ is a hunting term that means the imprint left by the animal on the ground.
By calling our first fragrance Beau Revoir, we’ve chosen to hang over Maison d’Hauteville the promise of an olfactory reunion. BEAU REVOIR is an ode to the good old days: a hot afternoon in the Bilbao arenas, long hunts in Sologne or chic Parisian afternoons in Spring.”
A memory, a desire.
More than a bridge built to reconnect with the past, it’s a new page of our future that we wanted to write. « Obéréna » and « Figure Libre» are the next chapters.
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